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My husband has a tip truck loads at a quarry at Murwillumbah and has to wait for their lunch break then goes to Tweed for delivery and then has to wait for their lunch break can waste a lot of time which means money

The stupidity of it all, Mt Isa is further West than Adelaide yet Mt Isa is on EST and Adelaide on CST?????

It effects trading and talking to people in other states and QLD needs it more than southern states. According to the QLD government we have introduced a refund levy on bottles and cans because it has been successful in South Australia well maybe they should note that daylight savings has been successful in more than one state.

Constant Morning Fatigue throughout the entire 6 months and the Heat well into the evening means a lot more Air Conditioning is used....

It simply makes sense both economically and socially to adjust the time by 30 minutes permanently.

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